Peas and Carrots 


I am in a world lost without you
And I drift through many empty days
Like a seagull without wing
Like broken heart shattered into sand.



I drink the cup full of bitter tears
The memory of you haunts me
The song you used to sing
The kiss you gave.



Having loved you
Makes the past live again
Ohh, how I wish 
The past is present again.



Come into my arms
Let me breath your scent
Come into my heart
A comforting special place.



To share your dreams and your tears
And to help each other
Wipe away love's tears
Come to me, my dear.



I thought we will share our love together
And help each other along
Together we will make it thru bad weather

Because our love was so strong.

 No matter how far apart you go
Memories will keep you near
And in your heart you will know
I have loved you even more.


How do you explain this
To this broken heart
I guess it takes a gesture
Of love and a little bit of time.



I shall search forever through
Wind and waves, the mist and rain
I shall walk forever with
The smile of you in my tears.



Peas & Carrots


Sung by

BB King ~ Tracy Chapman



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  by Tony  2000 ~ 01