I Don't Need You


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We have shared so much
We belonged to be there
Together within the lights
Those that stars sent from above.

It was all new to me
I depended on your charm
I gave you my heart
For you to embrace. 

I walked along you
Proud as I could be
You were the lady
I didn't want to be without.

The love in me was more then you can take
Darlin, how happy I was
To believe all you've said
Not knowing it was otherwise.

I looked upon you as a guiding light
Somehow, I didn't see the switch
That you were going to turn off
Didn't see the writing on the wall.


Your eyes clear and bright
Gave me the impression all was right
Ohhh, my love, how different it was really to be
Only had I knew.


The things were happening to us
Even though we didn't make plans
Like in a wonderland
It was made to believe.

The day you left
I wondered about places we've been to
Looking for something
That would remind me of you.


I walked to the place
Where I have tossed the coins
Remembering the wish 
Now knowing it will never come true.

Sung by
Kenny Rodgers



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